Sugar Has Sweet New Owners

[Vancouver, B.C., Canada] August 24, 2016 – Sugar Cookies and Confections announced the sale of its business to long-time employees Sophia Wong and Grace Siow.

“Building Sugar has been such an amazing journey. We live in an incredible city where I found support everywhere and an amazing list of clientele. It was a bittersweet decision to sell the bakery but I want to focus my efforts on my marketing agency Ladder Up,” said Angela Rodenburgh, founder of Sugar Cookies and Confections. “ I was thrilled when Sophia and Grace submitted their offer to purchase the business. They will take to another level and turn it into the confectionery giant we all know it can be.”

What began as a holiday tradition of having friends over for a night of baking, turned into a high-demand cookie business delivering customized sugar cookies for events and parties around the world.

“We are so thankful to Angela for giving us the opportunity to grow with the business,” said Grace Siow, new owner of Sugar Cookies and Confections. “Sophia and I plan to maintain the fun-loving spirit of the company and will continue to support our community through cookie donations and volunteer work.”

Sophia Wong joined Sugar in 2013 and has managed the business ever since. Managing client relationships and a cookie decorator extraordinaire, Sophia has worked her magic for years in the culinary scene.

Grace Siow started in 2015 as another cookie decorator and baker. From Minions to Oscars, and from logos to photos, she’s done it all and created masterful customized cookies for clients.

Sugar Cookies and Confections started in July 2012, and has worked with clients like Nordstrom, Chanel, Purdy’s, Hermès, Holt Renfrew, Goldcorp, Special Olympics British Columbia, Target, Desjardins, Ipsos Reid, and many more.

Spatulas and whisks will exchange hands on August 24, 2016. If you would like to place your specialty cookie order, please contact


About Sugar Cookies and Confections

Located in Vancouver, B.C., Sugar strives to bake the most fun, creative and delicious cookies with real vanilla bean, creamy butter, sweet sugar, and the most intricate details.




Make New Friends


If you have email, you’ve been sent something about Friendship Day at some point. It’s usually a cute message that we read (or not) then delete knowing it was created to have us send more email!

Truth is, there IS actually a Friendship Day – in fact there are two! Back in 1919 Hallmark establish National Friendship Day as the first Sunday in August. It died off over the years, but was resurrected in 1998 when the U.N. designated Winnie the Pooh as the World’s Ambassador of Friendship and set International Friendship Day as July 30.

So, celebrate your friends and friendships by sharing some cookies internationally on July 30 or nationally on August 7 this year. We’ll package them up into a sharable box or individually wrap them for single giveaways. No matter how you celebrate, it’s a great time to be thankful for friends.

Guys Like Cookies too!

June gets credit for being kibaseballnd of a “guy’s” month but that’s no reason to skip the deliciousness of cookies! We happen to know a number of dads, grads, sports lovers, weekend warriors, June grooms and others who love sugar cookies.

Celebrate something obvious like Father’s Day or make a big deal out of the team mates who volunteered their time to ump the extra games.

June is ideal for the light simplicity of a cookie that you can have decorated any way you like and packaged for individual giving or beautifully boxed up to share with the group. Let us make something into a wonderful event by contacting us at or you can shop online at


May Ray Day

sunny cookies

We’re in love with a new national holiday. May 19th is national May Ray Day.

It’s a day devoted to going out and getting some of those fabulous sun rays we’re starting to enjoy more and more of. Okay sure, it may not quite be swim suit weather, but it’s still the ideal time to take a walk in a park, play a game of ball or simply find a quiet patch of grass to lie down on and read a book.

Don’t confine your celebration of the sun to May 19th – consider it the “kick off” of enjoying the sun and if you want to share that celebration we can help out with some sunny cookies. Simply pop us a note at


Garden Lovers Cookies

Cookies for those who love to garden. Perhaps Mom has a green thumb? Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Surprise her with something sweet:



Garden Lovers Cookies

Sugar Cookies and Beer

The funny things you learn when cruising the internet.

We just discoveredDadNeedsABeer-2 that National Beer Day is celebrated on April 7th. Now before you go and say that sugar cookies and beer don’t go together, we have to ask, have you ever tried them together? Perhaps a fruity craft beer, or one of those new pumpkin spice ales needs a sugar cookie on the side.

That being said, it wasn’t just National Beer Day that inspired this post. It was the fact that April 7th is not only National Beer Day, but also National Alcohol Screening Day. Alcohol abuse treatment is important, so we’re not making fun of that, but we do find it a bit odd that these two national days both fall on April 7th. So before you lift a pint, remember to arrange for a ride home and order your sugar cookies from while still sober.


The Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day party or not – March 17 marks the perfect time to celebrate. It’s not a “real” holiday here in North America, but it does fall just when spring is starting to make itself seen and we’re all in need of a pick-me-up after the winter.

Surprise your friends with St. Patrick’s Day cookies custom-made by Sugar. We can individually wrap them for you to give away one at a time, or we’ll arrange them loose in a box for you to share with the gang at the office, a meeting after work, or even the local pub’s celebration.

Give us a shout at to discuss your needs for green and gold and we’ll take care of the rest. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

St Patty's Day Cookies

St Patty’s Day Cookies