Think outside the box!

Looking for a way to make you stand out? Want to impress your customers or clients with something sweet?

From realtors to car-dealerships, we have seen unique and creative ways people have used customized sugar cookies to really stand out in their business.

These are some of our favourites:

1. Realtor Cookies – If you’re showing a house, or meeting potential home buyers, custom sugar cookies are a great addition to your personal business card. Leave these on the kitchen table, or hand them out just to say thanks, either way, potential home buyers love the extra touch.

Realtor Cookies

Realtor Cookies

2. Special Events – Sure a wedding may seem like the obvious choice to have custom cookies, however, we like to think beyond the wedding. As part of the anti-bullying campaign “Pink Shirt Day“, we created custom pink t-shirt cookies. The cookies were shared as part of this campaign to end bullying.

Pink Shirt Day Cookies

3. Car Dealership –  With so many people coming in and out of car dealerships, these logo’d cookies will definitely make you stand out. These cookies will tap into the existing brand loyalty that people have to car brands, and on top of that they will definitely remember your dealership.

Acura Burrard Cookies

Have an idea for a custom sugar cookie? Send us your ideas! We love creative ideas for promoting you or your event.