Gluten Got You Grumpy?

Gluten Free CookiesGluten is in basically everything we eat, and many people are not only sensitive to it, but highly allergic to it. For those with Celiac Disease, digesting gluten can be a painful experience. From dining out to eating baked goods, those with a sensitivity to gluten are affected every day. More and more, people are choosing to cut gluten out of their diet for health benefits.

Gluten is the protein found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. It’s what makes cakes spongy, cookie dough gooey, and pizza dough stretchy. It’s also the cause of many health problems for those with celiac disease, or with a gluten intolerance. Symptoms of gluten sensitivity most commonly include gastrointestinal problems. Gluten has also been known to cause headaches, migraines fatigue, as well as chronic irritability and mood shifts. Fibromyalgia and neurological issues like dizziness and poor balance are also a few signs of gluten intolerance.

Cutting down your gluten intake – or removing gluten from your diet completely – isn’t the easiest thing to do. All those incredible edibles you used to love will need to be removed from your diet, so say goodbye to anything that is baked (unless it’s certified gluten free).

If gluten is making your life difficult, we’ve got a sweet solution for you. The Sugar Online Store is now dishing up Vancouver’s finest gluten free sugar cookies, and every cookie in the Sugar Online store is now available gluten free. Our gluten free recipe doesn’t compromise on taste or quality, and will always taste just as delicious as it’s gluten alternative.