Father’s Day is coming up!

fathers-day-cookies-2Father’s Day is one of those special days every year where we get to take a moment, and show the Father figure in our life how much they mean to us. Father’s day is about celebrating those paternal bonds that we feel in our lives, and showing those people the influence and the appreciation we have for them in our lives.

Growing up in my house, my Mother always said, “Every day is Father’s Day”. While she was poking fun at my Dad, she was right in many ways. My dad being the patriarch of the family, always went out of his way to show his kids how much he loved us. As kids, we might not have noticed it, but as we grow into adults, I like to to take Father’s day to say thanks to my Dad for always being there.

It often takes just a simple thank you or a kind gesture to show how much you care. We’ve baked a full batch of Father’s Day cookies that are catered just to make Dad smile. Also try our edible image cookies to show your Dad. Just send us any image of your Father you like, and we will print the image on a custom sugar cookie. Hand-iced and delivered in our custom box, these cookies will create that special moment to say thanks to your papa.

Order the cookies online, or Email your images (high resolution jpegs) to: concierge@sugarvancouver.com.