Do you know someone who deserves recognition?

Everyday we interact with people who make our lives better, and they don’t even know it. Whether it’s your local Barista who always gets your order right, or a co-worker who always takes that extra step, these people make our lives better every day.

Here at Sugar, we’re really into paying it forward. The idea that one good deed creates another, and the karmic universe keeps on spinning. That’s why we’ve creating random acts of sweetness, where you can send that one un-noticed person in your life a random act of sweetness to make their day a little bit sweeter.

How do you send a random act of sweetness, you may ask? The anser is simple. Nominate the person on our website, and tell us why they deserve a special treat, and each month we will select one person to deliver a box of our gourmet sugar cookies.

So today when you’re out in the world meeting all of those nice people out there, think about which one you would like to say thanks to, and then send them a random act of sweetness.