This months Winner!

communityLast month we announced Random Acts of Sweetness, where you can nominate someone deserving, and each month we will choose a winner to deliver a box of our gourmet sugar cookies. We want you to pick someone kind, deserving, and all around awesome to win the cookies. Well July saw some pretty impressive nominations, but we have chosen this winner as none other than Dave Olson and the Community team from HootSuite!

DaveO, Kemp and The HootSuite team were nominated by the Team at Notey, a Vancouver start-up which allows you to filter information in a newsfeed to reach those who are interested. Notey nominated the HootSuite team. When asked why DaveO and the team at HootSuite deserved the Random Act of Sweetness, the nominator said,

” Kemp was part of an organization team for a social media conference last month that inspired a community of online content creators to make their voices heard. The conference’s closing keynote speaker was Dave Olsen of HootSuite, who spoke about Vancouver’s eclectic community history and shared the city’s colourful stories and icons with the online storytellers of our community today. Dave has been sick for a very long time, and we would love to show our appreciation for him and the whole team at Hootsuite in the sweetest way possible!”

Dave Olson has long been a staple in the Vancouver start-up community, and through his story telling and speaking engagements, has fostered a culture of sharing and engagement that has reached far and wide.  So here’s to being awesome, and sending something sweet to someone who deserves it.