This months winner for #RandomActsofSweetness

Every month we accept submissions for a #RandomActsofSweetness, where someone can nominate someone they think is deserving, and we will send them a free box of our gourmet sugar cookies. This months winner is Candace Bishop, who is the Student Support and Disability Coordinator at The Art Institute of Vancouver. Candace was nominate by her friend Theresa, who says,

“She (Candace) goes above and beyond the call of duty and assist the students that are having trouble not only academically, but personally. She has paid out of her own pocket for groceries for students that have not had enough money. Her thoughtfulness and kindness is genuine, and she puts her heart into her job every day. Candace always has a smile on her face despite what is going on.”

Thank you Candace for being awesome, and for doing the great work you do. We hope you enjoy the cookies.

If you would like to nominate someone for next month’s #RandomActsofSweetness, then nominate them here, and next month we will announce the winner.