Why You Need To Use High Rez Images

Sometimes we get questions as to why we need a hi-rez image to print onto our edible image or logo’d cookies, or what exactly a hi-rez image is. High resolution (hi-rez) images or photos are 300 dpi or more photos that are required to print onto custom cookies so that the image appears clear, and not distorted.

DPI (dots per square inch), defines how many dots of ink are placed in a square inch when the image is printed. 1 inch equals 25.4 mm.

Low resolution images have fewer pixels (or dots) and if the low-rez image is adjusted/enlarged to 300 dpi as is required for printed, those pixels will get larger but the image will appear distorted and blurry when it’s printed (onto a cookie in our case). Hi rez images have many more pixels, and will appear crystal clear when printed onto a cookie. So – hi-rez is good 🙂 and low-rez is bad 😦

The most important factor to consider is your computer screen will preview the image as crisp and clean in many cases because your computer screen typically displays only 96 or 72 dots in an inch, but once printed that grows to 300 dpi and is exactly where the image quality is deteriorated.

How can you tell if your image is high resolution?

By the size/dimensions (length x width)(Mac – right click – “get info”) or the how big the file itself is:
Dimensions are usually shown in pixels not inches, so divide by 300!

  • a 1 x 1 inches image at 300 dpi will result in an 0.3 MB file
  • a 3 x 3 inches image at 300 dpi will result in an 3.1 MB file
  • a 4 x 6 inches image at 300 dpi will result in an 8.3 MB file
  • a 5 x 7 inches image at 300 dpi will result in an 12.0 MB file

If the file is less than 500KB, as a jpeg – it’s not a high resolution image.

As an example – a 2 megapixels camera can produce images that are 1200 x 1725 pixels, which (divide by 300) equals a 4 x 5.75 inch, 300 dpi printed image.

High Resolution Image:

  • A High Resolution photo is determined by the number of pixels
  • More pixels means a sharper image
  • This photo is print (and cookie) quality


Low Resolution Images:

  • Pictures found on the web are usually low-rez and not suitable for print
  • A picture that is low-rez cannot be made into hi-rez