Nothing Beats Milk and Cookies

milk and cookies dayUnfortunately the post-holiday season blues are a real thing. The weather is dark and dreary, the tree and decorations have come down and it’s one heck of a long time until spring arrives. Especially at the office, this can have a serious impact on productivity.

Everyone just feels blah for a week or two.

Bring some excitement to your workplace for no reason – or for a very good reason! January 11 is national milk day (the first day milk was delivered in bottles in 1878) and what could be more comforting than milk and cookies? Your co-workers won’t expect the special surprise and if you need a hand with getting the cookies made, just let us know at We specialize in custom cookies and can put your company logo on them, or perhaps you’d prefer sunshines or smiley faces for the promise of brighter days ahead.

Bring some fun to the office to fight the post-holiday blahs with an unexpected celebration of national milk day with milk and cookies.