Forget about LOVE, celebrate a grouch!

sunny cookiesYou expected us to bring up all the opportunities for tasty cookies at Valentines Day didn’t you? But we decided to take a different approach. You already know all about that Feb. 14 holiday, so what about a couple of lesser-known and lesser-celebrated events that fall in the same month?

One of my favourites is Do a Grouch a Favour Day on February 16. No one knows who started this informal holiday, but let’s face it, we all know a grouch in our life who could use some brightening up! Maybe it’s the weather that’s got them down, or maybe they’re just a jerk, so surprise them and make them a little less grouchy with fun, happy cookies.

If lightening up a grouch’s day doesn’t appeal to you, go with February 20th’s National Love Your Pet Day. You can spoil your pets with their favourite treats while you dine on yours.

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