Sugar Has Sweet New Owners

[Vancouver, B.C., Canada] August 24, 2016 – Sugar Cookies and Confections announced the sale of its business to long-time employees Sophia Wong and Grace Siow.

“Building Sugar has been such an amazing journey. We live in an incredible city where I found support everywhere and an amazing list of clientele. It was a bittersweet decision to sell the bakery but I want to focus my efforts on my marketing agency Ladder Up,” said Angela Rodenburgh, founder of Sugar Cookies and Confections. “ I was thrilled when Sophia and Grace submitted their offer to purchase the business. They will take to another level and turn it into the confectionery giant we all know it can be.”

What began as a holiday tradition of having friends over for a night of baking, turned into a high-demand cookie business delivering customized sugar cookies for events and parties around the world.

“We are so thankful to Angela for giving us the opportunity to grow with the business,” said Grace Siow, new owner of Sugar Cookies and Confections. “Sophia and I plan to maintain the fun-loving spirit of the company and will continue to support our community through cookie donations and volunteer work.”

Sophia Wong joined Sugar in 2013 and has managed the business ever since. Managing client relationships and a cookie decorator extraordinaire, Sophia has worked her magic for years in the culinary scene.

Grace Siow started in 2015 as another cookie decorator and baker. From Minions to Oscars, and from logos to photos, she’s done it all and created masterful customized cookies for clients.

Sugar Cookies and Confections started in July 2012, and has worked with clients like Nordstrom, Chanel, Purdy’s, Hermès, Holt Renfrew, Goldcorp, Special Olympics British Columbia, Target, Desjardins, Ipsos Reid, and many more.

Spatulas and whisks will exchange hands on August 24, 2016. If you would like to place your specialty cookie order, please contact


About Sugar Cookies and Confections

Located in Vancouver, B.C., Sugar strives to bake the most fun, creative and delicious cookies with real vanilla bean, creamy butter, sweet sugar, and the most intricate details.