Sugar Cookies and Beer

The funny things you learn when cruising the internet.

We just discoveredDadNeedsABeer-2 that National Beer Day is celebrated on April 7th. Now before you go and say that sugar cookies and beer don’t go together, we have to ask, have you ever tried them together? Perhaps a fruity craft beer, or one of those new pumpkin spice ales needs a sugar cookie on the side.

That being said, it wasn’t just National Beer Day that inspired this post. It was the fact that April 7th is not only National Beer Day, but also National Alcohol Screening Day. Alcohol abuse treatment is important, so we’re not making fun of that, but we do find it a bit odd that these two national days both fall on April 7th. So before you lift a pint, remember to arrange for a ride home and order your sugar cookies from while still sober.


Kick Off Your Holiday Shopping at HOLTS – Benefiting Children’s Wish

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