Make New Friends


If you have email, you’ve been sent something about Friendship Day at some point. It’s usually a cute message that we read (or not) then delete knowing it was created to have us send more email!

Truth is, there IS actually a Friendship Day – in fact there are two! Back in 1919 Hallmark establish National Friendship Day as the first Sunday in August. It died off over the years, but was resurrected in 1998 when the U.N. designated Winnie the Pooh as the World’s Ambassador of Friendship and set International Friendship Day as July 30.

So, celebrate your friends and friendships by sharing some cookies internationally on July 30 or nationally on August 7 this year. We’ll package them up into a sharable box or individually wrap them for single giveaways. No matter how you celebrate, it’s a great time to be thankful for friends.


Guys Like Cookies too!

June gets credit for being kibaseballnd of a “guy’s” month but that’s no reason to skip the deliciousness of cookies! We happen to know a number of dads, grads, sports lovers, weekend warriors, June grooms and others who love sugar cookies.

Celebrate something obvious like Father’s Day or make a big deal out of the team mates who volunteered their time to ump the extra games.

June is ideal for the light simplicity of a cookie that you can have decorated any way you like and packaged for individual giving or beautifully boxed up to share with the group. Let us make something into a wonderful event by contacting us at or you can shop online at

May Ray Day

sunny cookies

We’re in love with a new national holiday. May 19th is national May Ray Day.

It’s a day devoted to going out and getting some of those fabulous sun rays we’re starting to enjoy more and more of. Okay sure, it may not quite be swim suit weather, but it’s still the ideal time to take a walk in a park, play a game of ball or simply find a quiet patch of grass to lie down on and read a book.

Don’t confine your celebration of the sun to May 19th – consider it the “kick off” of enjoying the sun and if you want to share that celebration we can help out with some sunny cookies. Simply pop us a note at

The Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day party or not – March 17 marks the perfect time to celebrate. It’s not a “real” holiday here in North America, but it does fall just when spring is starting to make itself seen and we’re all in need of a pick-me-up after the winter.

Surprise your friends with St. Patrick’s Day cookies custom-made by Sugar. We can individually wrap them for you to give away one at a time, or we’ll arrange them loose in a box for you to share with the gang at the office, a meeting after work, or even the local pub’s celebration.

Give us a shout at to discuss your needs for green and gold and we’ll take care of the rest. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

St Patty's Day Cookies

St Patty’s Day Cookies

Forget about LOVE, celebrate a grouch!

sunny cookiesYou expected us to bring up all the opportunities for tasty cookies at Valentines Day didn’t you? But we decided to take a different approach. You already know all about that Feb. 14 holiday, so what about a couple of lesser-known and lesser-celebrated events that fall in the same month?

One of my favourites is Do a Grouch a Favour Day on February 16. No one knows who started this informal holiday, but let’s face it, we all know a grouch in our life who could use some brightening up! Maybe it’s the weather that’s got them down, or maybe they’re just a jerk, so surprise them and make them a little less grouchy with fun, happy cookies.

If lightening up a grouch’s day doesn’t appeal to you, go with February 20th’s National Love Your Pet Day. You can spoil your pets with their favourite treats while you dine on yours.

Bring some extra light and love into your February by contacting us at

Nothing Beats Milk and Cookies

milk and cookies dayUnfortunately the post-holiday season blues are a real thing. The weather is dark and dreary, the tree and decorations have come down and it’s one heck of a long time until spring arrives. Especially at the office, this can have a serious impact on productivity.

Everyone just feels blah for a week or two.

Bring some excitement to your workplace for no reason – or for a very good reason! January 11 is national milk day (the first day milk was delivered in bottles in 1878) and what could be more comforting than milk and cookies? Your co-workers won’t expect the special surprise and if you need a hand with getting the cookies made, just let us know at We specialize in custom cookies and can put your company logo on them, or perhaps you’d prefer sunshines or smiley faces for the promise of brighter days ahead.

Bring some fun to the office to fight the post-holiday blahs with an unexpected celebration of national milk day with milk and cookies.

Don’t panic – we’ve got special gifts covered!


Let’s face it, the holidays can be a stressful, overwhelming time of the year and when someone throws a surprise at you – like a kids’ party or a friends and family open house – it can feel, well, very unfestive.

Deal with surprises before they happen. Individually wrapped cookies make lovely token gifts for kids and adults and save you the time and stress of running around. Order cookies before you need them and if nothing comes up? Well, that’s more cookies for Santa or the stockings.

A few other holiday tips: Reserve a couple of nights a week leading up to the holidays for “at home” time to give you a chance to wrap gifts, trim the tree and other details. Make a list of who you need to shop for before you head out or sit in front of the shopping sites online. And, don’t give up the regular things that keep you calm and happy – if that’s yoga, a  cup of tea before bed or spending 30 minutes with your favourite author, keep doing it – you need it at this time of year.